The Artwork
Murals and Paintings
     Wayne A. Kocot has been able to enjoy painting both murals and canvas paintings throughout the years. However, it is important to note that murals and paintings are usually different from one another.
     A mural must be approached with an acute awareness of the surrounding space where it will be viewed. In most cases a mural should not dominate a room or area to the extent that all else within that space is lost. If a mural is to exist in a home or business, it should coincide and elevate the surroundings.
     A painting, however, is often allowed to stand on its own due to the natural constraints of the canvas. The dialogue within the painting does not necessarily need to coincide with its surroundings and can therefore stand on its own to a greater extent.


  1. Mural for Small Bar
  2. Foyer Mural
  3. Boy's Bedroom Closet
  4. Foyer Mural
  5. Poolroom Design
  6. Wine Cellar Mural
  7. Mural Outside Home Theater
  8. Detail of Theater Mural
  9. Detail of Mural
  10. Foyer Mural
  11. Foyer Mural
  12. Mural in Antiques Gallery
  13. Bedroom Mural
  14. Children's Mural
  15. Foyer Ceiling
  16. Detail of Floral Swag
  17. Child's Bedroom
  18. Child's Bedroom
  19. Nursery Mural
  20. Detail above closet
  21. Detail of Sunroom Mural
  22. Painted Chipmunk
  23. Stairway Mural
  24. Front View of Stairway Mural
  25. Sunroom Mural
  26. Wine Cellar Mural
  1. Oil Painting 18"x24"
  2. Oil Painting 32.5"x78"
  3. Oil Painting 48"x72"
  4. Oil Painting 24"x38"
  5. Oil Painting 15"X30"
  6. Acrylic Painting 20"x13"
  7. Oil Painting 16"x20"
  8. Oil Painting 20"X34"
  9. Oil Painting 36"x18"
  10. Oil Painting 66"x48"
  11. Oil Painting 60"x47"
  12. Oil Painting 36"x47"
  13. Oil Painting
  14. Oil Painting 14"X11"
  15. Oil Painting 18"x24"
  16. Oil Painting 16"x20"
  17. Oil Painting
  18. Oil Painting 54"X15"
  19. Oil Painting 11"X14"
  20. Oil Painting 24"X36"
  21. Oil Painting 61"x72.5"
  22. Oil Paining 30" X 20"
  23. Oil Painting28"x22"
  24. Oil Painting 32"x26"
  25. Oil Painting 35"x61.5"
  26. Oil Painting 47"x48
  27. Oil Painting 18"x24"
  28. Oil Painting 18"x40"
  29. Oil Painting 14"x11"


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