A picture is worth a thousand words but a painting keeps on talking.

Specializing in murals and commissioned canvas paintings.

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  1. Mural for Small Bar
    Mural for Small Bar
    Whimsical mural painted for small closet bar. The bar visible in the picture is all painted including the bottles.
  2. Foyer Mural
    Foyer Mural
    Archway and plaster panel painted on the upper side of a large foyer.
  3. Boy's Bedroom Closet
    Boy's Bedroom Closet
    Four folding closet doors painted to give the illusion of looking outside with boy's dogs on the patio. Stone blocks were painted on the room's walls to resemble the interior of a castle.
  4. Foyer Mural
    Foyer Mural
    Foyer painted with floral swags and hanging picture frame to look like raised painted plaster relief with a landscape painting.
  5. Poolroom Mural
    Poolroom Mural
    Rendition of a painting for a client in their poolroom.
  6. Mural Outside Home Theater
    Mural Outside Home Theater
    Mural on a wall outside of a home theater. Wall painted to appear to be a brick wall with a ticket window.
  7. Wine Cellar Mural
    Wine Cellar Mural
    Mural in a wine cellar with a faux finish on the walls. Window portal painted with a view of a vineyard with wine bottle and glass on the sill.
  8. Nursery Mural
    Nursery Mural
    Mural painted in a nursery. The closet doors were incorporated into the mural as an entrance to the farm..
  9. Detail of Mural
    Detail of Mural
    Detail of mural in a young child's bedroom.
  10.                          Foyer Mural
    Foyer Mural
    One of three walls of a mural in a foyer.
  11. Foyer Mural
    Foyer Mural
    Landscape with border painted in a foyer.
  12. Mural in Antiques Gallery
    Mural in Antiques Gallery
    Mural done in antiques gallery which incorporated a storage closet into the mural.
  13. Bedroom Mural
    Bedroom Mural
    Painting rendition for client on their bedroom wall.
  14. Children's Mural
    Children's Mural
    Children's mural painted above wanes coating on plaster.
  15. Foyer Ceiling.
    Foyer Ceiling.
    Ornate ceiling design in a foyer painted to appear as raised painted plaster. Picture taken prior to the installation of the chandelier in the center of the design.
  16. Detail of Floral Swags
    Detail of Floral Swags
    Detail of painted floral swags to appear like a raised painted plaster relief.
  17. Child's Bedroom
    Child's Bedroom
    Child's bedroom painted with his favorite characters.
  18. Child's Bedroom
    Child's Bedroom
    Child's bedroom painted with favorite characters.
  19. Detail Above Closet.
    Detail Above Closet.
    Detail of ornate design with boy's initials painted to look like a carved relief.
  20. Detail of Theater Mural
    Detail of Theater Mural
    Detail of mural with a trompe l'oeil ticket window and brick wall.
  21. Detail of Sunroom Mural
    Detail of Sunroom Mural
    A bluejay in flight.
  22. Painted Chipmunk
    Painted Chipmunk
    Detail of a small chipmunk placed on a baseboard.
  23. Stairway Mural
    Stairway Mural
    Mural painted of a campsite the client had fond memories of going to with their father.
  24. Front View of Stairway Mural
    Front View of Stairway Mural
    The mural was painted soft so as to not overpower the entire room.
  25. Sunroom Mural
    Sunroom Mural
    Mural painted around french doors.
  26. Wine Cellar Mural
    Wine Cellar Mural
    Mural on canvas installed in a climate controlled wine cellar.
  1. Oil Painting 48"x72"
    Oil Painting 48"x72"
  2. Oil Painting 24"x38"
    Oil Painting 24"x38"
  3. Oil Painting 15"X30"
    Oil Painting 15"X30"
  4. Acrylic Painting 20"x13"
    Acrylic Painting 20"x13"
  5. Oil Painting 16"x20"
    Oil Painting 16"x20"
  6. Oil Painting 20"x34"
    Oil Painting 20"x34"
  7. Oil Painting 36"x18"
    Oil Painting 36"x18"
  8. Oil Painting 66"x48"
    Oil Painting 66"x48"
  9. Oil Painting 60"x47"
    Oil Painting 60"x47"
  10. Oil Painting 36"x47"
    Oil Painting 36"x47"
  11. Oil Painting
    Oil Painting
  12. Oil Painting 14"X11"
    Oil Painting 14"X11"
  13. Oil Painting 18"x24"
    Oil Painting 18"x24"
  14. Oil Painting 18"x24"
    Oil Painting 18"x24"
  15. Oil Painting 16"x20"
    Oil Painting 16"x20"
  16. Oil Painting
    Oil Painting
  17. Oil Painting 32.5"x78"
    Oil Painting 32.5"x78"
  18. Oil Painting 54"X15"
    Oil Painting 54"X15"
  19. Oil Painting 11"X14"
    Oil Painting 11"X14"
  20. Oil Painting 24"X36"
    Oil Painting 24"X36"
  21. Oil Painting 61"x72.5"
    Oil Painting 61"x72.5"
  22. Oil Painting 30" X 20"
    Oil Painting 30" X 20"
  23. Oil Painting 28"x22"
    Oil Painting 28"x22"
  24. Oil Painting 32"x26"
    Oil Painting 32"x26"
  25. Oil Painting 35"x61.5"
    Oil Painting 35"x61.5"
  26. Oil Painting 47"x48"
    Oil Painting 47"x48"
  27. Oil Painting 18"x24
    Oil Painting 18"x24
  28. Oil Painting 18"x40"
    Oil Painting 18"x40"
  29. Oil Painting 14"x11"
    Oil Painting 14"x11"



About the Artist
Wayne A. Kocot resides in Danbury, CT. U.S.A where he enjoys his large country studio. In the early 90's Wayne embarked on a successful career as a muralist and was increasingly asked to do commissioned canvas pieces which are now currently an equally important part of his work. He has collaborated with many interior designers and decorators over the years. His art now adorns countless homes and estates in Southwestern Connecticut, New York City, and the surrounding areas.